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Specialty Fasteners

We currently work with all types of fasteners with many different processes and materials for major industries. Some items we are familiar with include:


Bolt Series 

Hexagon Bolts

Heavy Hexagon Structural Bolts  

Hexagon Flange Bolts W/O Serrated

Hexagon Wook Screws  

Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws

Round Head Square Neck Bolts/Carriage Bolts  

Hexagon Socket Countersunk Head Screws

Non Standard Special-Shaped Bolts

Guardrail Bolts

Square Bolts

Automobile Parts


Flat Countersunk Square Neck Bolts

Nut Series

Heavy Hexagon Structural Nuts

Hexagon Thin/Jam Nuts  

Hexagon Flange Nuts

Nylon Lock Hexagon Nuts

Non-Standard Special-Shaped Nuts

Special Nuts with Four Holes

Square Nuts


Stud Bolts 

Fish Bolts

Eye Bolts

Electric Parts

Wheel Nuts

Wing Nuts

Nylon Cap Nuts


Cap Nuts

Coupling Nuts

Welded Nuts 

Washer Series 

Flat Washers

Spring Washers

Thread Rods