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Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI): Goods are inspected before they leave the factory, but after they are packed for export. Random samples are selected according to standards and checked against customer specifications/sampling levels.

Reference Samples: Should be sent to our local international headquarters locations nearest to the factory address. Approved signed off samples at the factory are also acceptable and can help speed up completion of our services.

During Production Inspection (DUPRO): Goods are inspected within the manufacturing process on the production floor. Sometimes occurring after an initial production check to ensure and follow up on recommendations given, as well as to check processes, specifications, packaging, pack and labels.

Initial Production Check (IPC): Goods are inspected at production start up to check for defects or problems in the process, the components, the materials, packaging and overall product quality compared against customers reference sample and specifications.

Container Loading Checks (CLC): Goods are checked for quality, quantity, product and packaging specifications prior to loading into container. Inspector monitors loading process checking containers and ensuring goods are loaded according to customer specifications. Container loading checks can be carried out at the factory, warehouse, forwarder/trading company warehouse or at consolidation and centralized shipping locations.

Additional Inspection Services:


China Supplier Business License Checks.


Tooling progress reports.


Design packet instruction review: inspection of samples/confirm standards, specification & bills of materials.


1st article layouts, reports & confirmation.


Containment & sorting of defective product at factory or warehouse location.


Manage multiple SKU's.