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Industrial Components

We can inspect all types of industrial components from automotive to office furniture. We are familiar with all types of castings (aluminum, zinc, stainless investment, sand, low pressure, ductile iron, gray iron, etc…) for most major industries. Some of the items we work with are:


Castings (Power Tool Housings, Automotive, Lighting, Furniture, etc…)

Aluminum extrusions

Valves & Fittings (Stainless, No-Lead, Brass, Copper, etc…)

Fasteners/Threaded Rods

Plumbing Fittings/Supplies

Brake Components


Engine Components

Radiator Components

Non-Standard Engine, Brake, Wheel, Door and Chassis parts

Compressors, Fittings, Rubber Gaskets, etc…


Please contact us for any of your mechanical item related product inspections.